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Yours Until Niagara Falls: Natural wonder thrills the senses

Niagara Falls is a destination that will impact several of your senses. The Falls not only look beautiful, but they also make an impressive sound. When we arrived at the beautiful, historic Red Coach Inn, which overlooks the Upper Rapids leading to the Falls, we could not believe the thunderous sound that filled the air as we got out of our taxi.

We were anxious to get our initial view of the Falls, but first we spent some time marveling over our accommodations. We were lucky enough to be in a one-bedroom suite with a huge Jacuzzi. It had a gas fireplace and a nice little kitchen area with a fridge, microwave, coffeemaker and toaster. You could easily make a meal right in your room, but a full breakfast is included every day at the inn. We walked into town for great cheeseburgers at Legends Sports Bar and Grill for dinner, but there were many other local restaurants to choose from, most within walking distance of the Red Coach Inn.

Free long-distance calling to anywhere in the United States and free wireless Internet were other very nice additions at the Red Coach Inn. There are plenty of hotels in Niagara Falls but I don’t think you could beat the Red Coach Inn for comfort and luxury.

Once settled, we strolled across the street to the Upper Rapids and then to the Falls, just a short walk through the national park that has been established on the American side of the Falls. Niagara Falls is comprised of three waterfalls. On the American side, there are the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls and on the Canadian side there is Horseshoe Falls.

The American side of the Falls is quiet and pristine with lovely meadows, full, lush trees and other greenery. You should allow time to see both sides of the Falls; it’s very easy to walk over to the Canadian side via the Rainbow Bridge, but you must have a passport to do so.

We got a $2 pass for the Niagara Falls Scenic Trolley, which takes you to every site in the park. We walked around Goat Island and Three Sisters Island, which are two of the of trolley stops. These beautiful, uninhabited islands have incredible views of the rapids and the Falls and are wonderful places to hike around.

But the best thing we did was take the Maid of the Mist tour. You have probably seen the boat in movies, filled with tourists in bright yellow slickers, edging right up to the Falls. You will need that slicker! It’s really quite a magnificent sight with the water from the Falls thundering down beside the boat.

There were many other things we would have loved to do on our visit, such as going to the Aquarium, the Niagara Adventure Theatre and the Cave of the Winds, but we just did not have enough time. The area also has great wine tours and plenty of places to hike, so it’s definitely a place that deserves a longer visit. 

By Jan Ross, Staff Writer



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