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Robotics Goes to Forefront of Heart Surgery: Technology makes procedures less invasive but just as successful

“I simply didn’t want to hurt people. I wanted to avoid cutting people open and making big incisions whenever possible.” These are words almost any heart patient would want to hear from their surgeon. And these words are exactly why Dr. Michael Sekela entered the field of robotic surgery, which is used in many heart … Continue reading

From the Editor February/March 2012

This issue of Kentucky Doc will focus on cardiac disease- prevention, diagnosis and treatment. What better month to emphasize heart disease than February! Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that more than 630,000 persons die of heart disease in the United States each year. That is just over one quarter of … Continue reading

Nolitan, New York: Easy access to Manhattan and interesting shops make neighborhood inviting

After spending a few days at a lovely vintage inn in Niagara Falls, N.Y., last fall, the sight of very modern New York City was a nice change. We chose to stay in Nolitan because it seemed to be perfect for easily accessing Manhattan. Nolitan refers to the area just north of Little Italy. It’s … Continue reading

Under the Hood: Halitosis – Another Sign of a Heart Attack?

Often patients come into our offices complaining of halitosis. But is there a link between halitosis and heart disease? The traditional way of treating this condition would have been to give the patient a breath mint or mouthwash and not think anything else about it. But nowadays treatment is much more involved than that. In … Continue reading

Going Places: Alaska’s grandeur, beauty, wildlife is paralleled

Alaska is a traveler’s dilemma. There are few places in the world with its grandeur and breathtaking beauty. Not only is Mt. McKinley the highest peak in North America, it’s also a stunning sight when you catch its alpenglow in Wonder Lake at Denali National Park. A 900-pound brown bear catching a leaping salmon in … Continue reading

On the Enforcement Radar: The 2012 OIG Work Plan

The Office of Inspector General of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (OIG) released its Work Plan for fiscal year 2012. At the beginning of each fiscal year, the OIG issues its annual Work Plan, which describes current audit, enforcement and evaluation activities and those the agency plans to initiate in the … Continue reading

Pump Up Your Heart: Exercise can help keep this vital muscle healthy

The heart is a muscle. Just as with any other body muscle, if you don’t exercise it, it loses flexibility and strength. The heart will pump less effectively if it isn’t exercised regularly. You can keep your heart in shape by exercising your whole body. Central Baptist Hospital’s Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Services (CRS) is dedicated to … Continue reading

Daniel Hale Williams: From shoemaker to barber to medical pioneer

Daniel Hale Williams entered the world on Jan. 18, 1856 in Hollidaysburg, Pa., one of seven children born to Daniel and Sarah Williams. Shortly after the family moved to Annapolis, Md., Williams’ father, a barber, died of tuberculosis. His mother, realizing she could not care for seven children, sent some of them, including young Daniel, … Continue reading

Cardiomyopathy Has Three Main Forms: Progressive cardiac muscle disease affects all ages

Cardiomyopathy is a progressive disease of the heart muscle. In this condition, the heart is abnormally enlarged, stiffened and/or thickened and weakened in its contractility. Sometimes scar tissue replaces the muscle tissues. This weakening or change in the heart muscle can lead to heart failure; irregular heartbeats called arrhythmias; blood clots; heart murmurs; cardiac arrest; … Continue reading

New technique provides closer look inside coronary arteries: Exciting technology has vast potential

A new technology in medical imaging is giving cardiologists at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington a much clearer and more detailed look inside coronary arteries. “This is an exciting technology because of its potential,” said Michael R. Jones, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.S.C.A.I. Jones, a cardiologist at Central Baptist since 1983, said the imaging technology, known as … Continue reading