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Primary Caregivers are Gatekeepers for Patients

We have been bringing you updated information on specialty care in our most recent issues. In this issue we want to bring the focus back to the “primary care physician.” Primary care is that care provided by physicians specifically trained for and skilled in comprehensive first contact and continuing care for persons with any undiagnosed … Continue reading


Enjoying the sun, sea and culture here is easy as ABC Out of the way of hurricanes, deep in the southern Caribbean, lie the ABC islands: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Each is renowned for its blue waters and excellent snorkeling and scuba diving, but Curacao is especially known for combining great water activities with great shopping, an … Continue reading

Now Boarding Direct Flights to the Bahamas

If you need a quick carefree getaway that is not too stressful on the budget, the Bahamas is worth looking into. I was fortunate enough in January to take such a trip that started with a direct flight to the Grand Bahama Island, now offered by Vision Airlines. The Vision Airlines crew was extremely friendly … Continue reading

GERD untreated can lead to complications

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a condition in which the stomach contents, either food or liquid, leak backwards from the stomach into the esophagus. It is no stranger to physicians. “Related symptoms are complaining of heartburn, burning in the chest or throat and chest pain,” said Dr. Nathan Massey of Colorectal, Surgical and Gastroenterology Associates. … Continue reading

Music Influences Blood-Pressure Values, but Relaxation Fails to Provide Benefit

A pair of studies last month at the American Society of Hypertension (ASH) 2012 Scientific Sessions highlight the influence of music and relaxation therapy on blood-pressure levels. In one study, investigators observed that listening to Mozart in the doctor’s office can lower blood-pressure levels, while a mindfulness-based stress-reduction program failed to lower blood-pressure levels in a group … Continue reading

Nathaniel Mission Cares for People’s Physical and Spiritual Health

Physicians donate time, expertise to free medical clinic As a physician, if you saw 16 patients in one day, that would be quite a day’s work, wouldn’t it? The 13 or 14 physicians who work one day a month – or, in some cases, one day a week – at Lexington’s Nathaniel Mission and Refuge … Continue reading

Dr. Benjamin Spock

Child-rearing guru, anti-war activist and presidential candidate Today, when the name of Dr. Benjamin Spock comes up, people most often think of him as something of a guru on the subject of child rearing. What many may have forgotten is that Spock was also a pervasive figure in the 1960s anti-war movement, an advocate for … Continue reading

Prescriber Beware: New Requirements Under Kentucky’s Pill Mill Bill

Out of the heated debate between the Attorney General representing law enforcement and the Kentucky Medical Association representing physicians, Kentucky’s “Pill Mill Bill” is sweeping legislation designed to combat prescription drug abuse through increased regulation of pain clinics and greater scrutiny of prescribing practices by various agencies of state government. The Legislation becomes effective on … Continue reading

Urinary Tract Infections Affect Both Women and Men

Using good hygiene, drinking cranberry juice help cub common problem Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are not uncommon. There are different risk factors, depending on the age of the patient. For young women, the most important risk factor is sexual activity. “Research has shown that in nine cases out of 10, urinary tract infections in young … Continue reading

Dealing with Childhood and Adolescent Obesity

Parents are a big factor in helping children learn healthy eating habits The obesity epidemic in the United States doesn’t affect adults alone. Children and adolescents – and their parents, doctors and nutritionists – are dealing with the alarming situation as well. “We definitely are seeing a lot more not only of adolescent but also … Continue reading