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Health Care Reform

The articles you read in Kentucky Doc are intended to provide high-quality, up-to-date information for practicing physicians. Sometimes that information is not just technical but informational and philosophical as well.

In this issue you will find information from a variety of sources about the controversies surrounding health care reform. Economically we know that something(s) must be done to stall the steady increase in dollars spent for health care in this country. The debate is not about this fact, but rather how to reach common ground on the best ways to accomplish this reform.

Is medical care an entitlement for every citizen in this country? Are insurance companies, hospitals or physician providers benefiting unreasonably from the profits of health care? Can hospitals, physicians and other providers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies and consumers agree on ways to reform the provision of and cost of medical care in the United States? If not will the government establish a socialized, single-payer system against the will of the populace? Is reasonable medical tort reform even being considered?

It is our hope that these articles will help you to understand the controversy better and garner from our panel of experts information that will enable you to make informed decisions about what you believe is prudent for our nation to do to resolve this critical issue. The opinions contained herein are not necessarily those of the publisher, editor or writers of Kentucky Doc.

 Dr. Hager, Editor, Kentucky Doc Magazine



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