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A Pain in the Back

Many treatment options available for herniated discs Although the term “slipped disc” has become commonplace as a description of a herniated disc, the phrase does not adequately depict the underlying issue. A herniated disc occurs when the softer center of the disc pushes through its tougher exterior. This can be caused by severe trauma to … Continue reading

The Best Kept Secret in Florida: Amelia Island

Barrier island has plenty of shopping, lots of history Before we drove to lovely, historic Amelia Island off the Atlantic coast of Florida, I had never heard of it. Amelia Island is one of the Sea Islands, a chain of barrier islands that stretches along the east coast of the United States all the way … Continue reading

Sir James Young Simpson: Anesthesia Pioneer

  Great medical discoveries are often the result of extensive experimentations with animals, in addition to willing and (hopefully) informed human subjects.   Sir James Young Simpson, a great pioneer in general anesthesia, however, took a more direct approach … experimenting on himself, a tactic that sometimes found him waking up, literally, under the table. … Continue reading

Qualities to Look for in Medical Office Personnel

Hiring the right people can be a challenge for any business, but when that business is a doctor’s office or dental clinic the stakes are even higher. Making the wrong hiring decision can severely damage the reputation of the practice and the doctors or dentists who work there, and in some cases a bad hiring … Continue reading

Create a Charming and Comfortable Waiting Area by Bringing the Outdoors In

For the most part, a medical or dental office is the last place most people want to be. No matter how wonderful and charming your staff is, the simple fact is that most of the people in the waiting room would rather be elsewhere. After all, medical procedures, annual exams and dental cleanings are certainly … Continue reading

Disc Problems Often Degenerative

Various treatments strive to alleviate pain Problems with bulging or herniated discs manifest themselves in distinct ways and require specific types of treatment. “Disc bulges and disc herniations are common conditions afflicting the spine,” said Dr. Steven Kiefer with Neurosurgical Associates at Central Baptist Hospital. “These entities comprise a significant portion of the numerous spinal … Continue reading

Physical Therapy Helps With Back Pain

Chronic antalgic positioning can lead to postural dysfunction Debilitating back pain often precludes patients from enjoying regular activities such as walking or exercising. The first thing to do for a patient suffering from back pain is to find out what is causing it, said Donna Walker, a physical therapist with BaptistWorx. “Is it a structural … Continue reading

Here Comes the Sun: Anticipating Sunshine Act Regulations

Physicians and institutions engaged in research should keep these in mind In the war against healthcare fraud, waste and abuse, provider reporting requirements and self-disclosure obligations continue to mount. After all, transparency is the presumed antidote to bad acts in the healthcare industry. The underlying idea is that if you would not want the government … Continue reading

On a Jamaica Adventure

  Melody Tipton goes to Jamaica as often as she can. But Tipton is not your usual tourist, enjoying the beaches and night life. She visits infirmaries and orphanages, bringing teams of people, gifts, medical supplies, building materials and love. When she is not on what she calls a “Jamaica adventure,” Tipton can be found … Continue reading

Osteoporosis: Loss of Bone Density Can Lead to Breakage

Osteoporosis occurs when a person loses bone density or makes too little bone. This makes the bones weak and susceptible to breakage from a usually innocuous fall – or, in more severe cases, simple, everyday actions such as bumping into something. The word osteoporosis means “porous bone.” According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation (www.nof.org), about … Continue reading