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Qualities to Look for in Medical Office Personnel

Hiring the right people can be a challenge for any business, but when that business is a doctor’s office or dental clinic the stakes are even higher. Making the wrong hiring decision can severely damage the reputation of the practice and the doctors or dentists who work there, and in some cases a bad hiring decision could even lead to a lawsuit.

With all that at stake it is important for doctors and dentists to take special precautions and hire only the right people. While there are many different jobs in the average medical or dental office, there are some vital skills that all those workers need to have in order to be successful.

Attention to Detail 

One of the most critical skills for workers in the medical and dental field is a strong eye for detail. From insurance billing and coding to patient scheduling, workers will need to pay careful attention to many small details. A mistake can have serious repercussions, from denial of insurance reimbursement to improperly scheduled appointments and customer inconvenience.

When hiring for positions in the medical and dental field doctors and dentists will need to look for this attention to detail in order to screen potential candidates. Those doing the hiring may want to pay careful attention to spelling and proofreading on the resume and cover letter, as well as how well the employment application is completed. These things can be a good indication of how detail oriented the applicant really is.

A Caring Personality 

A caring and empathetic personality is a must for anyone who works in a doctor’s office or dental clinic. Even those who work behind the scenes are likely to have contact with patients from time to time, and it is essential that they exhibit a caring, compassionate and professional attitude at all times.

Doctors and dentists staffing their offices should pay careful attention as they interview candidates. A caring and compassionate personality is difficult to fake, and those who exhibit the desired qualities should certainly be given careful consideration. Of course a compassionate personality is no substitute for the right skills, but a combination of top notch skills and an enthusiastic and outgoing personality is hard to beat.

People Skills 

Working in a doctor’s office or dental clinic requires more than top notch clinical skills. In order to be successful workers will need to be able to work well with everyone from the doctors and dentists to the patients and insurance company representatives. It is important for those doing the hiring to look not only at the applicant’s qualifications but their interpersonal skills as well. It is important to look for people who will be willing to work as team members. After all, every medical office requires the cooperation of every member of the team to be successful.

By Be Conrad, Staff Writer



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