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From the Editor

From the Editor: June/July 2013

As I prepared to take over the helm at Kentucky Doc magazine, blood seemed like an obvious theme for my first issue. How often do we stop to think about that five liters of all-important fluid within us? Probably not too often…until we need to get a blood test to find out if something is wrong.

Public awareness of blood disorders remains low. The American Society of Hematology reports that in a 2008 survey, only 21 percent of adults surveyed knew what a hematologist was or what conditions they might treat. For instance, fewer than 40 percent knew that they would treat deep-vein thrombosis. Fewer still were aware of the multitude of blood diseases and disorders treated or diagnosed every day. We take blood for granted. The staff at the Kentucky Blood Center know that blood can never be taken for granted, as do the physicians and specialists who share their expertise in the following pages. Transfusions, anemia, leukemia, blood banks…just a few of the stories highlighting the importance of blood.

You will also notice a few changes in our magazine, as we seek to provide you with more information to make your medical practice as successful and efficient as possible. Business and legal articles are geared to provide you with the non-medical resources you need. And, realizing the need for some R&R, we are adding additional travel articles, so that, whether on vacation or just out of town for a conference, you can find time to explore and recharge those batteries.

– Fiona Young-Brown



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