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The Art of Translation Part 1: Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences

A 2003 article in The American Journal of Medicine revealed a surprising problem with scientific research. Of more than 100 “groundbreaking” studies conducted in the early 1970s, only five resulted in actual treatments for patients. Clearly there is a gap between scientific discovery and clinical treatment. This is something that the Center for Clinical and … Continue reading

Trying Penny Stock Screener Software Out

If you like the idea of playing with penny stocks to turn a quick profit, could it be a good idea to invest in penny stock screener software? How good are the chances that you will be rewarded adequately for the money that you sink in it and the time that you spend learning to … Continue reading

Is a Fidelity Bond Mandatory for Companies?

A Fidelity bond is also known as employee dishonesty coverage. This coverage, if purchased only to cover the dishonest acts of employees, is not a mandatory coverage. The federal or state government does not require employers to purchase insurance to protect their business from employee theft. However, it is possible to endorse additional exposures onto … Continue reading

Bluegrass Community Health Center Serves Everyone

Bluegrass Community Health Center (BCHC) is a full-service medical clinic, complete with doctors and nurses and a nurse practitioner. They have two clinics in Lexington, one at 1306 Versailles Road, the other at 151 N. Eagle Creek Drive. Just another medical facility for which we are grateful when we’re under the weather, right? Well, not … Continue reading

Promoting Good Stewardship in Medicine

First, do no harm! Second, relieve suffering! Third, contain cost! “Primum non nocere”, the historic ethical mantra of medicine, is getting a much-needed 21st century update in the form of the Choosing Wisely Campaign. Twenty five medical specialty societies, representing over 500,000 US physicians, have already created specialty-specific “Top 5 Lists” of tests and procedures … Continue reading

Louise Pearce: Pioneer in treating African sleeping sickness

While it is frequently the brilliant surgeon who astounds the world with a new technique, it is often the quiet clinical researcher whose dogged work in perfecting a new treatment who saves the most lives in the long run. Such was Louise Pearce, M.D., whose research led to a treatment that dramatically reduced the mortality … Continue reading

Squeezing Blood from a Turnip: The KY Doctor Shortage and a Possible Remedy

Deloitte Consulting, a technology firm helping to establish the new Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange mandated by the Affordable Care Act, recently completed a review that paints quite a grim outlook for the future state of health care in the Commonwealth. According to the review, Kentucky needs 3,790 additional physicians (including primary care doctors and specialists), … Continue reading

Foot Pain: Warts

Warts are one of several soft tissue conditions that can cause significant discomfort in the foot. The wart itself is caused by a virus, which is typically introduced to the skin through small cuts or abrasions. They can appear anywhere on the skin but are most commonly seen on the sole or plantar aspect of … Continue reading

Getting to the Heart of Device Trials

Given the regional community’s high rates of heart disease, Baptist Health Lexington considers it vital to offer patients access to the most advanced technology and therapies through participation in clinical trials. I met with Dr. Gery Tomassoni, medical director of the hospital’s research entity, Lexington Cardiac Research Foundation, to learn about some of the Foundation’s … Continue reading

Independent Clinical Research Helping the Local Community

Central Kentucky Research Associates founder Deborah Dyer has a simple guiding policy when deciding whether to accept a study: “I won’t take a study unless it’s something that I would do myself, or that I would enter my mother or my child into. I can’t talk you into doing something that I wouldn’t do myself.” … Continue reading