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The Use of the DaVinci Surgical System in Treating Infertility

The da Vinci Surgical System, first approved by the FDA in 2000, was developed to enhance the precision and visualization of minimally invasive surgery for surgeons who perform delicate and complex operations. Gynecologic surgeons were among the first specialists to embrace the robotic technology because they saw the potential of the da Vinci System to … Continue reading

An Update on Male Infertility Basics

Every couple looking to conceive should have a clear understanding of the basics of male infertility, and physicians may be surprised to learn that a lot of past information has changed. “The old guideline was that if you have gone for twelve months of trying without success then you should see a physician,” says Dr. … Continue reading

Red Rocks and Canyon Lands: Sedona, AZ

The last time I was at the Grand Canyon was exactly 50 years ago on a marathon “See the USA” road trip with my parents and sisters. My husband had never been. So we made the decision for our 2013 summer vacation: AZ or bust. Apartment-style resorts in Sedona seemed centrally located to our short … Continue reading

Panama City Beach – Not Just for Spring Breakers Any Longer!

Panama City Beach, situated along the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida with sparkling white sand and gorgeous azure waters, used to be the destination of choice for spring break for college students. It still is, but after spending a week there this summer with my grown daughter and seven-year old grandson, I can assure you … Continue reading

Retaining Fertility in Oncology Patients

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), over a million new cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2013. Of those, 8 percent of patients will be under the age of 45. Furthermore, the ACS specifies that 1.1 percent of those patients will be under the age of 20. As technology advances have allowed for more … Continue reading

Dr. Jaime Pittenger and Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky

Dr. Jaime Pittenger, hospitalist, UK Healthcare Department of Pediatrics, Section of Inpatient Pediatrics at Kentucky Children’s Hospital, finds her background in children’s medicine gives her a unique “in the trenches” view of how child abuse affects children and families and what can be done about it. “Child maltreatment is a serious and prevalent public health … Continue reading

Lexington Clinic physician named in list of best surgeons in North America

  LEXINGTON, KY— Wednesday, October2, 2013 —Lexington Clinic orthopedic surgeon and founder of The Shoulder Center of Kentucky, W. Ben Kibler, MD, FACSM, was recently named one of the top twenty-eight shoulder surgeons in North America. A survey of fellow shoulder surgeons and thought leaders in the field conducted by “Orthopedics This Week”, the most … Continue reading

New Developments in Male Fertility

The specialty of male infertility is growing at a rapid pace. “The field is really interesting and there is always something new,” says Dr. Chris Schrepferman, a Louisville-based urologist. Several new developments come to mind: There is new evidence that the male partner perhaps contributes to adult or childhood diseases in offspring but this can … Continue reading

On Second Thought: Why Some Americans Are Losing Their Health Plans After All

In a 2009 speech to the American Medical Association, President Obama promised, “If you like your health-care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health-care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.” This declaration came as the health care law was being written and similar statements were repeated by the President … Continue reading

Letter from the Editor: December 2013 – January 2014

Reproductive technologies seem to be advancing at a stunning rate. In the last six months or so, I’ve read of new research involving time-lapse photos of embryo development as a means of increasing success with IVF, three-person IVF, and new testing procedures for identifying the viability of an IVF embryo. The latter procedure, approved in … Continue reading