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Concerns About the Future of Medicine: Latest Survey Reveals Physician Fears

The latest annual survey of medical professionals by a major consulting and financial planning service has revealed a number of concerns about the future of the medical industry. Perhaps surprisingly to some, not all of the concerns are related to the Affordable Care Act. The 2013 Deloitte Survey of U.S Physicians is based upon replies … Continue reading

Getaway in the Gateway to the West: St. Louis, Missouri

I t had been a while since I had been to St. Louis. Quite a while. So long, in fact, that they were actually building the arch the last time I was there! Completed in 1965 as a monument to the settlers who headed west from St. Louis, the Gateway Arch is the iconic symbol … Continue reading

Not Your Grandfather’s Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh is a city with an entrance. The beauty of rivers, hills and valleys coming together formed a remarkable tableau, hardly the sooty industrial city I had pictured. The intersection of the Allegheny, Monongahela to form the Ohio creates Point Park on which a fountain sprays 150 feet into the air. Clipper ships skim the … Continue reading

Keep Your Money Safe: Spot the Signs of Investment Fraud

Investing can seem like a difficult and complicated subject. Perhaps that is why so many individual investors turn to stock brokers and other advisors to manage their money. While most of these financial professionals and ethical and honest, others are not. Learning to spot the early warning signs of an investment scam is one of … Continue reading

Promising New Research with Blackberries and Oral Health

Eastern Kentucky has long been the butt of many a joke about oral health. Many residents face a number of barriers to receiving quality dental care, including lack of insurance, lack of access, and poor diet (the dreaded “Mountain Dew Mouth”). Now a Central Kentucky company is hoping to change that with a series of … Continue reading

Serum Protein Thiols: Putting DNA Repair into Practice

As a doctor, you are aware of the challenges of getting your patients to be proactive or even cooperative. Studies have shown that fewer than half of all patients comply with recommended treatments, and there is widespread lack of awareness of and attendance to how risk factors affect them. Yet patients have a right to understand their own health. The … Continue reading

It’s Not “Just a Sprain”

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in sports and are a frequent reason patients, athletes and non-athletes alike, present for medical care with primary care providers, urgent treatment centers, emergency departments and orthopedic surgeons. Despite the high prevalence of ankle sprains and the frequency of clinical evaluations for these injuries, many patients … Continue reading

Dr. Thomas F. Coburn: Servant/Physician to Wilmore and Wesley Village

Dr. Thomas F. Coburn is living his dream. Watching his parents, a Methodist pastor and his school-teacher wife, dedicate their lives to helping and serving others instilled in him an early vision of serving others, he says. With a natural bent toward science and biology, Coburn says he “quickly realized that I could really make … Continue reading

Making History: James A. Thomson: Pioneer of Stem Cell Research

The field of stem cell research has been surrounded in controversy, and its early potential has been widely misunderstood by some; nevertheless it is an important field of research in the future of medicine. James A. Thomson, born and raised in Oak Park, Ill., came from a decidedly non-scientific background (his mother was a college … Continue reading

Compassion is what sustains me

Carol Cottrill specializes in the hearts of children — both physical and emotional. Her career path began when her fourth child was born with congenital heart disease. Growing up on a family farm, she learned to balance compassion and necessity, a skill she would use in caring for her daughter and later during 18 years … Continue reading