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Letter from the Editor: February/March 2014

It may already be February but here at Kentucky Doc, we are kicking off the first issue of the year by looking forward to see what the future of medicine may bring. We begin by looking at key findings from a recent survey among physicians. Among the topics dealt with are job satisfaction, the impact of healthcare reform, and possibilities for adopting new technologies. Although many of those surveyed express strong concern about the future of the profession and a need for widespread change, I am pleased to report that they also felt satisfaction in their jobs and looked forward to some potential new technologies that might allow them to better interact with patients.

We look at a number of these new technologies in this issue. Dr. Jenny Wheeler speaks with Dr. Wallace Huff about a new type of knee implant, while Dr. Thomas Miller explores telemedicine and the SMART medical home of the future, where basic testing and communicating with your medical care team are only the push of a button away. Meanwhile, I share the current research being done by a local company and the UK College of Dentistry. All of these articles share exciting new developments which will hopefully make patients’ lives easier and offer physicians a broader range of treatment options.

In addition to our other regular features—doctor spotlights, history, travel, and business advice—we have a new guest editorial. In each issue, we will be inviting a local medical professional to share some thoughts about the politics of medicine and recent developments in the field. To kick us off, Lexington’s Dr. Steven Stack, Past Chair at the American Medical Association discusses the Affordable Care Act and some of the opportunities it presents to physicians. As always, we welcome your feedback so please feel free to contact me at the address above if you wish to share some new research, a new treatment, or if you wish to write a future guest editorial.

Fiona Young Brown, Editor, Kentucky Doc Magazine



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