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From the Editor

From the Editor: Summer 2014

I had originally planned to write this about our issue’s theme – eyes. But an unexpected twist of events meant that I have spent much of last week in the surgical waiting room at Baptist Health as a dear friend has undergone multiple tests, surgeries, and more tests. We faced the complete rollercoaster of emotions, one minute thinking we needed to say our goodbyes, the next thinking he could pull through. As I write this, he is still in serious condition, but we are all optimistic that the worst is over. And so much of that is due to the medical team caring for him.

Although I meet surgeons regularly for this magazine, the events of the past week have given me a new level of respect for them and those who work with them. Their dogged determination, refusal to give up, and absolute care for their patient is truly humbling to see in action. It is easy to think that they get caught up in the science and technology of medicine, but as my experience has shown me, and as the survey in our last issue revealed, their ultimate goal is patient care.

That goal of patient care comes through in the articles in this issue of Kentucky Doc. Each specialist interviewed is doing what they do so that they can improve the quality of life for each individual patient.

And for that, they continue to have my utmost respect and gratitude.




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