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The Marvelous Human Brain

Weighing in at about three pounds, the brain is the most complex part of the human body. It interprets of the senses, initiates movement, and controls our behavior. The brain takes all information relating to the body’s internal and external environments, and produces the appropriate responses. In humans, the nervous system is divided into the … Continue reading

Profile in Compassion: Missionary Work in your Own Backyard

Andrew Moore has practiced plastic surgery in Lexington for 30 years. His initial motivation to become a physician was seeing how much his father, Lexington’s first plastic surgeon, enjoyed the practice of medicine. He remembers seeing patients approach his father in public to express their gratitude. He recalls overhearing phone conversations in which his father … Continue reading

Relief for Chronic Migraine Patients May Come in the Form of Injections

For patients who suffer from chronic migraines, the pain is not only stressful and inconvenient, it can be debilitating. However, there is a treatment option to offer patients that can reduce the number of and intensity of migraines suffered. Botox brand botulinum toxin was approved as a treatment for chronic migraines in 2010. A randomized … Continue reading

Physician Health and Well-Being: Medicine with a Heart

Throughout Connie Jennings’ 30 years practicing general internal medicine at UK, she has accepted stress as normal, rising and falling in cycles. She knows empathy fatigue from her lowest points of that cycle, sometimes saying to herself, “I have given out.” She trusts she will cycle back out of these low points, saying, “I don’t … Continue reading

Movement Is Medicine—Meet Dr. Matt Lee, Physical Therapist

Dr. Matt Lee, Clinic Director for KORT’s Nicholasville office, uses a three-pronged approach to physical therapy—biological, psychological, and social. KORT stands for Kentucky Orthopedic Rehab Team. Nicholasville is home to one of many KORT offices in Kentucky. Matt Lee, 40, is a native of Ohio. He says he decided in early childhood that he was … Continue reading

The New Frontier: Telemedicine & Legal Issues

Telemedicine is poised to become the healthcare industry’s most important new tool for increasing access to physician services, managing chronic diseases and addressing the critical shortage of physicians. Technological advancements, the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of coverage, the increasing emphasis on quality of care, and the proliferation of new medical applications are pushing telemedicine into … Continue reading

Getaway to Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

We recently spent the day at Shaker Village (or Shakertown as it is known locally) and were amazed at the beauty of this location, and the astonishing variety of activities. Shaker Village is America’s largest restored Shaker community and provides an interesting historical experience about these truly innovative individuals who believed in civil rights and … Continue reading

The Joy of a Biltmore Christmas

Childlike wonder embraces you at Biltmore at the Christmas season. A visit will take one back to when we believed in wonderlands of snow and winter’s warmth by a beautiful fireside. It is holiday season at America’s largest home where a 35-foot Christmas tree and miles of festive décor make your eyes get bigger than … Continue reading

Traumatic Brain Injury: Know the Warning Signs

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is on the upswing. Researchers are scurrying to find better ways to assess, diagnose, and treat TBI while the ranks continue to swell. The statistics are overwhelming. In 2010 alone, over 2.5 million people were diagnosed with TBIs either as an isolated injury or along with other injuries. Over the past … Continue reading

‘Pastoral Counselors’ Help Fill Mental Health Gap in Rural States

Mental health therapists most often leave issues of faith outside their office doors, even for patients who are religious. But one class of counselors believes a nonsectarian model doesn’t serve everyone equally well. “On a feeling level, people want a safe, respectful place, to ponder the tons of questions that come begging in hard times,” … Continue reading