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From the Editor

From the Editor: Fall 2014

To many of us, it’s the old grey matter. But to neurologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists, the brain is a fascinating wonder. There is an oft-repeated myth that humans only use 10% of their brain capacity, and while that is not true, the power of the brain is truly magnificent and there is much still to be explored. In this issue, looking at the connection between the brain and the mind, we look at how some researchers are exploring the power of the mind to heal. What is the placebo effect and can it be as effective as a medicine in some cases? What is the link between brain and mind? How can we keep our brains healthy? How can we keep our minds healthy? And when a patient suffers a traumatic injury to the brain, how can doctors and loved ones aid in their recovery?

These are the topics we mull in this issue of Kentucky Doc. Our guest editorial is from the folks at NAMI and they share some important news about mental health and the local court system. And given the theme, who else could our resident historian look at but Carl Jung?

Hopefully, we’ll provide you with some interesting news and research, plus a few ideas for when you need to get away and enjoy your own mental relaxation.




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