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From the Editor

From the Editor: Winter 2014

Welcome to the winter edition of Kentucky Doc. I am excited to announce that the Lexington Medical Society will assume the focus and editorial direction of Kentucky Doc magazine, beginning with our upcoming Spring edition. We have the nucleus of a new editorial board, which is composed entirely of physicians. This is a work in progress, and our current goals are to redesign the editorial thrust and organization of Kentucky Doc magazine. In the upcoming iterations, we are planning a column authored by the LMS president, an advocacy column focusing upon our profession, and when appropriate, reviewing legislation that may impact medical practice. We also are planning a “hot topic” column for two physicians to take contrasting sides of a medical issue and debate the topic. Dr. Patterson will continue his columns on physician health/wellbeing and also highlight a compassionate physician in a separate column. We plan to broaden our current audience of Fayette County physicians to include those
holding medical and osteopathic licenses to practice within the defined Central Kentucky area.

As a result of this new focus, we will report what physicians are doing outside their workplace and also feature those organizations or facilities providing medical service within the Central Kentucky area.
Currently under consideration is a section containing a science-based article featuring “clinical pearls.” Moreover, we hope to include a resident/medical student column with at least one issue yearly devoted to the beginning of each medical school year, and the remaining quarterly issues to feature resident’s and fellow’s pursuing postgraduate education.

I will be assuming the Editor-in-Chief position and chair the LMS editorial board beginning January 1,
2015. Please allow me to present a call to action for all fellow physicians and osteopaths in the Central Kentucky area to become involved in this publication and we welcome opinion pieces written by our area physicians. It is the editorial board’s mission to develop a readable, interesting magazine written and edited by physicians for physicians practicing in Central Kentucky.

Robert P. Granacher, Jr., M.D., M.B.A.



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