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Rehab for the Aging: The Orthopedic Center of Care at Sayre Christian Village

Everyone ages. We see it in ourselves, but especially in patients—when they come in for a consultation and we realize that, what they consider as “just aches and pains,” are actually progressive problems that need attention before they decrease quality of life.

When this happens, seeking out special medical help might be the next necessary step.

“The Orthopedic Center of Care at Sayre Christian Village has a specialized, separate unit that takes care of people with an orthopedic diagnosis,” explained Ann Phillips, Administrator at Sayre Christian Village. “Generally people stay in this unit anywhere between seven to fourteen days. We offer physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Most people [in the center] have to be able to withstand two hours of therapy a day. We have therapy available seven days a week. After being discharged home, if more therapy is needed, the facility also has outpatient therapy.”

Some of the most common orthopedic issues include:
* Arthroplasty
* Back or shoulder surgery
* Regaining function after a serious injury
* Fall and balance issues

What makes Sayre Christian Village especially unique is the focus on middle-aged to senior healthcare. Connected to Aegis Therapies, a leading healthcare company, Sayre has the ability to focus on issues directly related to the aging population.

As Phillips explained, “At Sayre’s Center for Orthopedic Care we serve all different ages. We have been open over a year and have had people who range in their forties to nineties. We accept Medicare and also most major insurances. We have a physician who oversees the care of the patients in this unit, and generally comes out two to three days a week and is on-call 24-7. All of our nurses and therapists on this unit have undergone specialized orthopedic training.”

In addition to specialized training, there are unique rehabilitation programs to comprehensive evaluation tools, and even medical equipment designed specifically for health problems related to aging. The Rehabilitation Gym at Sayre Christian Village has state-of the art HUR therapy equipment, the first facility in Kentucky to offer it. This includes iBalance equipment that helps patients minimize their risk of falling through balance tests and five interactive training modes.

But what happens if your patient requires more than a week or two of orthopedic care?

“We offer all levels of care,” Phillips explained. “We have independent living apartments, assisted living apartments, a twenty-two bed dementia unit, long-term care beds and also the nineteen bed orthopedic unit.”

They also offer twenty-four hour nursing care, and they are capable of monitoring patients for medical complications during rehabilitation as well.

Health issues arise as people age, and if we’re not careful, they can limit what we can do and what we enjoy. Luckily, there are ways to combat these problems, and healthcare providers who specialize in ways for patients to face them head-on.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sayre Christian Village, please visit http://sayrechristianvillage.org or call 859-271-9000.



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