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From the Editor

From the Editor: Summer 2015

Robert P. Granacher Jr., M.D., M.B.A., Editor-in-Chief, Kentucky Doc Magazine

Welcome to the summer edition of Kentucky Doc Magazine, the medical magazine for physicians, edited and written by physicians.  Our cartoonist has started this issue with a cartoon which is aligned with an interesting pro-con contrast of “medical marijuana.”  Danesh Mazloomdoost, M.D. and Lowell Quenemoen, M.D. debate the pros and cons of medical “weed”.

KMA president, David Bensema, M.D. shares with us an overview of the KMA Community Connector Program and discusses recent physician graduates of this worthwhile KMA offering.  He reveals how they then are involved in their respective communities after the physician completes the training sequence.  Lowell Quenemoen, M.D. highlights Winchester and the Clark Regional Medical Center, describing the integration of this medical center’s services into the Winchester community, and the future plan to add a 45,000 square foot service structure.

Bob Granacher, M.D. portrays Ralph Alvarado, M.D. as our featured physician this edition. This  physician-statesman, in his dual roles of internist-pediatrician and Kentucky state senator, has become the “go to” guy in the senate to understand and introduce medical legislation. John Patterson, M.D. has contributed suggestions to assist physicians in keeping a perspective on life’s priorities while also providing care to their patients. Dr. Patterson further relates a Profile in Compassion highlighting the benevolent and compassionate contributions of Carol Cottrill, M.D. to the patients she has treated in the University of Kentucky Pediatric ICU.

Current LMS President, Rice Leach, M.D. outlines his perspective on Kentucky Senate Bill 192, the “Heroin Bill.”  He shares with us a public health model  useful for  operating a needle exchange program and also methods for referring heroin addicts into public health department outreach systems.

Last but not least, Tuyen Tran, M.D. educates us on the standardized mortality ratio (SMR) and the common misunderstandings physicians may have when  they interpret  this useful data derivation.

Please do not forget that LMS and Kentucky Doc have underway their annual writing contest for practicing physicians, residents, and medical students.  Each of three potential winners will received $1000.00.  If you plan to submit an essay, time is drawing near, as the winners will be announced in the upcoming fall edition of Kentucky Doc.  Also, letters to the editor may be submitted at granachermd@samplerpublications.com or to Sampler Publications, 121 Prosperous Place, Suite 5B, Lexington, KY  40509.

Robert P. Granacher Jr.,
M.D., M.B.A.



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