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Kidney Transplant in Central America: LIKE FATHER – LIKE DAUGHTER

Honduras is a beautiful tropical country within Central America and is wedged between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is a democratic country with approximately 8 million citizens, and its capital and largest city is Tegucigalpa. The capital name comes from the languages of the Central American native populations and translates to “Silver … Continue reading

A Father’s Legacy of Compassionate Care

Delwin Jacoby APRN, DNP credits her OB-GYN father with her own career’s emphasis on service and compassionate care. She and her three siblings were all born while her father was in medical school and residency. Growing up watching her father care for patients, she always knew she would become a nurse or a doctor. Her … Continue reading

Physician Assistants and Health Care Delivery

By Tuyen Tran, M.D. We have a healthcare crisis in the United States. The relative isolation of consumers to direct cost (government programs, private insurances) has resulted in an unchecked increase in demand. Expenditures are rising faster than overall economic growth. Pricing mechanisms can no longer adequately ration health resources. As such, the only remaining … Continue reading

The Nursing Profession Transitions: Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Degree

In November, I had the opportunity to engage in a lovely afternoon discussion with Dean Janie Heath of the University of Kentucky, College of Nursing. She took time from her busy schedule to meet with me, and she was accompanied by Elizabeth Adams, Senior Information Specialist with the UK Public Relations and Marketing Department. The … Continue reading

Why can’t we apply the golden rule to our patients?

My father, a retired surgeon, died a “good death” about a year and a half ago. He died in his own bed, on his 90th birthday, after a day of visits from family, friends, and the occasional four-legged critter. I will be eternally grateful to my aunt (an RN) for facilitating this. Although I hated … Continue reading

The Physician Assistant: What Should “PA” Stand For?

In its current model, a Physician Assistant (PA) is a licensed medical practitioner who is authorized to practice under the supervision of a physician. All licensed PAs must be graduates of an accredited institution and pass a national qualifying examination. PAs are trained in the medical model, like physicians, and in some programs, they may … Continue reading

Kentucky Medical Providers: An Evolving Picture

From the Editor, Winter 2016

Robert P. Granacher Jr., M.D., M.B.A., Editor-in-Chief, Kentucky Doc Magazine Welcome readers to the winter edition of your LMS magazine and its focus on those treating professions working daily and side-by-side with physicians. Please find toward the end of this edition that we are presenting a cartoon contest for any physician-related contest idea. The publishing … Continue reading

Nurse Practitioners and Nurses in Public Health

By Rice Leach, M.D. Public Health nurses have been an integral part of the health team for decades especially in patient homes and schools and in public health emergencies. They acted on behalf of the health officer and were an extension of physicians’ offices. They still do that work but their role expanded considerably in … Continue reading