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From the Editor

From the Editor: Fall 2016

Robert P. Granacher Jr., MD, MBA, Editor-in-Chief, Kentucky Doc Magazine

Welcome to all to the Fall 2016 edition of KentuckyDoc magazine. For this edition we are featuring the winners of our 2nd annual essay contest. This year’s request is: “Healthy and happy doctors provide better care: define barriers and solutions to physician wellness.”

We have three winners from our University of Kentucky residents and three winners from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine students. Please read all six essays as they demonstrate that our young physicians in training have the future of medicine well in hand. UK resident Christopher Simmons MD won the first place in the residency contest with his essay: “ The Conversation has Changed.” He is followed by the 2nd place residency winner, Ahn-Thu Le, MD with her essay: “We are the Problem: Are We Willing to be the Solution?” Third place in the resident category was won by Rebecca Ba’ Gah, MD, with an essay titled: “Wellness for Me…Wellness for You.” All three essays are thoughtful and inspiring.

In the medical student category, we have first place winner, Tara Shrout, with her perceptions of: “Independence Is Old News: How Doctors Can Provide Better Patient Care.” She is followed by medical student category second place winner, Kara Jolly, and her entry: “For the Greater Good.” Third place medical student winner is Amanda Jolly with her essay: “Physician Accountability for Wellness in Today’s America.” All three students provide us with thoughtful musings relevant to today’s medical climate.

LMS member John Patterson, MD shares his insights into physician wellness by asking 10 physician colleagues to share what keeps them awake at night. Their answers are a window into the collective concerns of our medical community. In a second article John profiles interventional cardiologist John Gurley, MD and his compassionate philosophy of caring for the very ill while caring for and being mindful of his own wellness and peace of mind.
Please see the article, “Factors to Consider in End-of-Life Decisions, by Nicholasville attorney Bobby E Reynolds. He provides very useful advice to physicians as they help their families and patients through this potential mine field as life’s end approaches. Lastly, addiction medicine specialist Dr. Johnston, provides pearls and guidance (“There are many Paths to Recovery”) to those of us providing recovery care to addicted persons.

Please enjoy the thoughts of our medical students and physicians-in-training. Don’t forget that Dike Drummond, MD will be at Keenland October 15, for our LMS sponsored burnout proof program and horse racing at its finest, for physicians, spouses and significant others.

Until next edition, be well.
– Bob



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