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ActionCOACH for Better Business

If you are reading this, then you obviously want a better business. You are interested in doing what it takes to grow both personally and professionally so that you can achieve the results you want in your life and business. ActionCOACH has helped hundreds of thousands of business owners all over the world achieve not … Continue reading

Signs of a Winning Stock

By J.E. Carpenter Investors tend to look at things like takeover rumors when trying to pick a winning stock. More often than not, however, those rumors are just that. Here are some more reliable guides to a company’s bright future: 1. More than one insider is buying. Insiders aren’t always right, and they’re often way … Continue reading

Keep Your Money Safe: Spot the Signs of Investment Fraud

Investing can seem like a difficult and complicated subject. Perhaps that is why so many individual investors turn to stock brokers and other advisors to manage their money. While most of these financial professionals and ethical and honest, others are not. Learning to spot the early warning signs of an investment scam is one of … Continue reading

The Difference Between a Business and a Revenue Generation Model

One of the most critical skills needed in starting and managing a business is the ability to distinguish between business activities and revenue generation. Many people assume that, since the primary purpose of a business is usually to make money, definition of the money-making operations is all that is needed to create a business plan. … Continue reading

Offshore Investing

Quite often, the news media portrays offshore investing as a method for the very wealthy to avoid paying taxes in their home country.  Although there are offshore investments that are not above-board, the majority of this type of investment is legal and may offer significant advantages to the investor. What is Offshore Investing? Much like … Continue reading

Trying Penny Stock Screener Software Out

If you like the idea of playing with penny stocks to turn a quick profit, could it be a good idea to invest in penny stock screener software? How good are the chances that you will be rewarded adequately for the money that you sink in it and the time that you spend learning to … Continue reading

Is a Fidelity Bond Mandatory for Companies?

A Fidelity bond is also known as employee dishonesty coverage. This coverage, if purchased only to cover the dishonest acts of employees, is not a mandatory coverage. The federal or state government does not require employers to purchase insurance to protect their business from employee theft. However, it is possible to endorse additional exposures onto … Continue reading

How to Invest in IPO Stock

The world of IPO investment is exciting, volatile and full of massive gains potential. This article will help readers to understand the basics of investing in IPO stocks and what to watch out for. If you are looking for a beginner’s guide to IPO investment, look no further. IPO is short for initial public offerings. … Continue reading

Qualities to Look for in Medical Office Personnel

Hiring the right people can be a challenge for any business, but when that business is a doctor’s office or dental clinic the stakes are even higher. Making the wrong hiring decision can severely damage the reputation of the practice and the doctors or dentists who work there, and in some cases a bad hiring … Continue reading

Foreign Investing is not just for Big Companies

Big companies may love to outsource and do foreign investing, but even private individuals can invest in emerging markets without being a business. While foreign market stocks can carry higher risks, they can also carry a higher rate of return. You don’t have to have huge amounts of money to open a foreign factory or … Continue reading